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Alana Fairchild

Some of you might notice that I favour some deck creators more than others? These creators have helped, inspire and heal parts of my soul when I needed it most, therefore I've decided to write blog posts to share their work. I'll try to write a blog post on one of these special teachers weekly starting with Alana Fairchild and I will be gifting everybody that buys a deck, this week, a card from one of Alana's decks.

Alana is a rare Australian spiritual teacher and one of my favourite oracle creators, I love her feminine connection to the Divine and her depth of writing. The books that go along with the cards are full of wisdom and knowledge that you can get really lost and inspired in.

Being first published in 2011, Alana has created over 20 oracle decks, 13 books and 27 albums of music and meditation. I have chosen my favourites items to stock which you will see below. While creating these decks Alana has worked along some amazing artists when creating her decks, to name a few... Jane Marin, Andrew Gonzalez, Mario Duguay, Wang Yiguang, Jimmy Manton, Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Autumn Skye Morrison.

Alana embodies free spirited, loving and empowering teachings, communicating from a place of authentic being and considerable experience, making esoteric wisdom accessible and relevant for everyone. Alana has the spiritual juice to nourish your unique soul journey, setting her apart and instilling her work with effectiveness and beauty. She is a unique and well-established figure in the metaphysical movement, dedicated from the heart to assist humanity in moving forwards on the spiritual path with authenticity, grace and a sense of humour.

I tried to find some little personal things about her to share but she looks to be keeping everything tight to her chest. One thing she did share in one of the clips is that she doesn't have children. I was trying to find what her star sign was but let's just guess that it's Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon with Cancer rising? What signs would you pick for Alana?

Here is the selection of books and oracle decks I stock from Alana's range of amazing work...

11.11 Book Oracle : Answers to Uplift and Shift by Alana Fairchild

11.11 Oracle Book
This unique resource of 11.11 paradigm-shifting messages connects you to supportive insight and uplifting wisdom. You can use it to discover the sacred meaning of the numbers you encounter every day and access the love, guidance, reassurance and inspiration the Universe is sending you OR anytime you have a question, centre yourself in your heart, flip to a random page and read your answer. I love bibliomancy readings, do you?

Crystal Mandala Oracle : Channel the Power of Heaven & Earth by Alana Fairchild & Jane Marin

Crystal Mandala Oracle
This powerful deck will enhance your connection to the sacred worlds of higher beings and crystal energy, opening your heart to divine beauty and empowering your soul with loving consciousness. The mandalas are just stunning and the card stock is so lush!

I've pulled a card from this deck for you so you can get a feel of the deck.

img 2367

Wild Compassion: Ascended Master Buddha and Peridot

We bring you the blessing of wild compassion. What is a restriction now could prepare you to receive greater freedom in the not-too-distant future, and to be able to appreciate, enjoy and fully receive that freedom? What if growing pains now would strengthen you to be ready to receive a life-changing opportunity headed your way? What if rest and time to just be at this moment would help you build up your reserves of vital energy for a time in the future when you will be asked to step up, perhaps to lead or use your energy in some way to support many? Wild compassion is at work in your life and you can trust that it knows what you need and when, and will deliver it with unsurpassed grace.”

Wild compassion is what is active in your life when something is a hidden blessing. In some spiritual traditions this is known as obscuring grace. It is something that seems to be undesirable at first; and yet, in due course, reveals itself to actually be something for which you are most grateful! When the situation is happening however, it will often seem absolutely impossible to the mind that you could ever feel gratitude for what is taking place. Yet if you allow yourself to engage in your life journey, with an open and trusting heart, you will find that wild compassion will bamboozle your mind and dazzle your heart, again and again, with its unfailing gracious and tender love for your soul.

As you take this journey you will come to realize you are not just another blob of light having a life experience in this Universe, one amongst the many, not particularly known or loved or acknowledged. In fact, the Universe loves and cares for you with such personal, intimate detail that your every need is anticipated and responded to with care. No matter how difficult things may seem to be at times, you will – if you keep your heart and mind open – come to realize you are always, without fail, being served by a loving divine intelligence. When wild compassion strikes, you are going to need to delve deep and tap into trust, into curiosity and into your sense of humour. You can know that only the Divine can truly put your plans into absolute disarray and if that is happening, which it absolutely will from time to time, then there is a good, loving and helpful reason for it.

The best way to respond to wild compassion is to allow yourself to be wild too. That means not being afraid to let go of the script of your life, to think on your feet (or even better, to let your instincts move your feet and not think so much at all), to let yourself intuitively respond to life, as though you were in a dance together rather than a boxing match! You don’t have to duck and weave to avoid what life sends your way. You can play, engage, be curious, sometimes feel pain but always understand that the pain – because sometimes pain is an unavoidable part of life – is part of the healing the Divine is sending your way. It is not out of cruelty. Sometimes the pain of letting something go now saves you from the agony of having what is not meant for you, causing you far greater suffering over the long-term.

Wild compassion is not always painful. Often it is utterly joyful. It sweeps in and before your eyes, what was considered an opportunity for a small gain becomes a trigger for a cascading flow of divine blessings into your life. Wild compassion provides whatever is needed for your deepest and most soul-satisfying success. It is neutral, it is wise and it serves the higher will of the Universe. It cannot be controlled by the mind, nor is it often understood by the mind (except in hindsight, upon occasion). It cannot be thwarted or blocked by human will, yet it is our choice whether or not to embrace and enjoy it (even if we find it mysterious) or resist and fear its workings in our lives. For those reasons you can trust it completely. It is the hand of the Divine, sweeping in and uprooting what needs to be removed and planting what needs to be planted. It might be stark at times, but it is always loving. And no matter what you believe at the time, eventually you will be grateful.

Crystal Mandala Journal by Alana Fairchild & Jane Marin

crystal mandala journal
This deluxe soft cover journal features goes with the Crystal Mandala Oracle with over 140 of the pages feature an inspirational quote or message and the journals also include 44 full colour artwork reproductions to inspire your creative expression. It has a combination of lined and unlined pages to accommodate all facets of your self-expression – for you to write, doodle, paint or draw.

White Light Oracle : Enter the Luminous Heart of the Sacred by Alana Fairchild and Andrew Gonzalez

White Light Oracle
These cards are all about the light you have within you. Giving you strength to trust in that light and in your own courage. To guide, support and empower you to fulfill your sacred purpose of healing and soulful manifestation. White light holds all the frequencies needed for healing ourselves, each other, our planet and all her precious creatures. It is divine medicine for the soul, empowering the heart, clarifying the mind and awakening higher consciousness. These cards remind you that you were born to be that light and will encourage and inspire you to manifest your sacred destiny.

 Wild Kuan Oracle : Soul Guidance from the Wild Divine by Alana Fairchild and Wang Yiguang

Wild Kuan Yin Oracle
These cards will remind within you beats a wild and compassionate heart, alive with fierce optimism. You have the courage to walk a path not be tamed by convention. You don't have to be afraid to be different, to take risks for what you love, and most of all, to keep hope in your heart. You are one of the wild ones. The WILD KUAN YIN ORACLE can be your light in those moments when the darkness seems too much. When the loving peace of Spirit seems too far away from the troubles of the physical world, this oracle deck channels the energy of the Divine Mother to bring you comfort. She'll remind you of your fire, your boldness, your unique beauty, your passion, your courage. She'll guide you through even the darkest trials into the blessing of new life. She'll open your heart and mind to untold possibilities and assist you to live your highest destiny with fearlessness and joy.

Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild & Mario Duguay

This deck is for those who feel an inner calling to connect with divine light and higher frequencies of consciousness to bring healing to the world. You can create a positive contribution to our planet, evolve spiritually, and develop your innate abilities to work with energy through different healing modalities, channeling, and communicating with higher beings such as angels, ascended masters and other spiritual guides. You can help humanity shift from fear to love and these cards will help show you the way.

Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton

Theses card are created to help Awaken the High Priestess Within. You will learn to apply the Ancient Mystery teachings of Isis in practical ways to help you navigate through the experiences and challenges in your daily life. By allow the Goddess, this sacred priestess, initiate, magician and healer to help you reactivate your own soul talents of healing, magic and more as you journey with her from darkness and uncertainty into light, love and power.


Past Life Present Power: The Many Spiritual Faces of You.

When Soul is growing in service to humanity, in service to the Great Feminine and Her call that all beings be healed and free, it gathers internal resources to assist on the path. These resources include powers and gifts from other lifetimes. You are currently integrating past life abilities and you are guided by the Oracle of Past Life Present Power to be open to shifting internally and in your experience of your own levels of power and spiritual ability.

Talents, abilities and powers wish to be restored to you now from past incarnations. This will help your path. You will often be able to recognize this because you will feel some instant fascination or deep interest for a culture, philosophy, heritage, or even place on Earth or beyond, which is deeply compelling. This is your intuitive recognition that a part of your Soul, connected with this passionate interest, is being drawn into integration. At such times, there can be emotions, feelings and even phobias or fears that temporarily arise. You may even find your tastes for food and clothing, and your sleep or other habits change quickly and noticeably for a time. These can all be signs that a past life energy is being integrated.

Once it is ‘digested’ into your current incarnation, you will feel more like ‘yourself’ again but in an expanded and more whole way. You will just feel like you are more of yourself, more stable, more full and more at home in your own being. It is a lovely state of being to enjoy, which makes any ups and downs in the integration process more bearable!

This Oracle brings specific guidance that some of these past gifts from other incarnations are associated with Ancient Egypt and civilizations connected with Ancient Egypt earthly and beyond, including some Star civilizations such as Sirius and the Pleiades. Look for the symbols, books, crystals, or colours that interest you and pay attention to your dreams. If it is helpful to be conscious any issues around the past life skills returning to you now, you will become aware of them so that they can be acknowledged, accepted and released.

Often when integration is occurring, people who have been connected to you in such lifetimes become a more prominent part of your life. It is possible that they will remain thus or that as the integration happens and you continue to grow, some of those relationships will fall away, as you have completed the karmic healing and integration of the energies associated with that past life, distilled the golden gift, and are ready to move on.

This may take weeks, months, or in some cases even years. The Ritual below will facilitate the process with some more efficiency, but you must trust in your timing for such matters as your own Soul is guiding the process and knows exactly what it is doing!

To enable this Sou awakening to occur, purification and time to assimilate the healing is recommended. You can accomplish this through rest, time in nature, prayer that your power be exercised with love and mercy and a willingness to be guided by the Divine Mother Lady Isis who loves you unconditionally. Use the Prayer of Past Life Present Power below and the Healing Ritual whenever you intuitively feel you need it.

Also know that as wonderful as it sounds to retrieve past life power and ability, it is not always without challenge. We often need to be willing to be fluid in our understanding and experience of ourselves. We need to be open to re-framing our idea of ourselves as more spiritually connected, more powerful and more responsible for our light on this Earth. That can be confronting at times. We often have to let go of any fear or disappointment we suffered in the relevant past life before the gift can be restored to us in a useful way this lifetime.

You can rest assured that anything you need to know in order to heal will come to your awareness. You may or may not see the whole picture and if you do not, then it isn’t necessary for healing. We are always given more than enough to be able to heal. It is just a matter of being attentive and aware of what is happening right before us in our lives and realizing that if we follow any pain, we will find what needs healing. Then the gift hidden within the pain can be released. The Oracle of Past Life Present Power indicates that the gift found in our healing will be past life talents and abilities.

As with all spiritual instruction contained in this Oracle as a whole, the Lady Isis will watch over you and assist with the process once you ask Her, in unconditional love.

Ritual of Past Life Present Power: “Close your eyes and visualize or sense a wheel like structure with many spokes, like the wheel of a bicycle, but made out of light. Imagine that you are at the center of the wheel where all the spokes meet. There is a vast circle of light that forms the outer section of the wheel and this represents the boundaries of your Soul. The light around the outside grows bright and luminous gold until it begins to overflow, flowing as pure light along all the spokes of the wheel, sending light into the center.

From your peaceful position at the center of the wheel, you notice that certain spokes are beginning to glow more strongly than others.
Allow yourself to open your heart and receive the light from these spokes of the wheel, representing different lifetimes, flowing as golden light into the center of the wheel.
Rest with this and say aloud, ‘I now call back to me, through unconditional love and grace, all past life skill and ability that can assist me in my high destiny. I pray for mercy and compassion as I grow in wisdom and ability. Help me now beloved Isis, who loves me unconditionally, to experience this process easily and exercise its effects with love and mercy. Of my own free will, so be it.’

The light from the spokes glows strong and flows to you in the center, into your heart as pure golden light. You will receive the perfect amount of light that will feed your Soul. You may feel a lot of sensation or not much at all and either is fine. Just allow your process to be as it is and know it is happening. Finally see, sense or feel the entire wheel filled with light, turning and flowing in its own natural way, with you at the center, feeling the vastness of you. When you are ready, just open your eyes.”

Prayer of Past Life Present Power: “You can say this Incantation at any time you have the sense of past life energy being relevant in your life and you need help, clarity or guidance to manage the situation as consciously as possible.

I call back to me
Through unconditional love and grace
The past life energy
That fills this situation and place
Let my past and present life ability
Help me reach my highest destiny
I call for clarity, insight and peace
A place of empowerment I now reach.

Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild & Shiloh Sophia McCloud

mother mary oracle
This moving and powerful deck explores the profoundly healing, protective and soothing energy of Mother Mary. Through this oracle, she brings you her guidance and wisdom and connects you with knowledge of your own spiritual potency and divinity so that you may experience ever greater peace and love on your life journey.

Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Richard Cohn.

journey of love
Are you craving the adventure of love? Do you need love to arouses your heart into yearning? Then this is the deck for you. With truly beautiful art, moving poetry and inspired guidance that will take you on that voyage within, to free the heart into its passionate fulfillment, to take the journey of love. The Illuminated paintings by visionary artist, Rassouli, the cards in Journey of Love are bursting with vibrant hues and stunning mystical depictions of feminine and natural beauty that help you connect deeply with the love that is at the very heart of everything in existence. Inspired by these powerful images and Richard Cohn's exquisite poetic verses which accompany each artwork, Alana Fairchild offers a profound message of guidance for each card, designed to assist you to find your authentic path through the opportunities for growth presented to you in all aspects of life, especially in your relationships, not only with others, but in your sacred relationship with yourself.

Rumi Oracle : An Invitation Into the Heart of the Divine by Alana Fairchild and Rassouli

Rumi speaks a sacred language that we understand with our hearts rather than our minds. He knows the heart is the gateway to divine union and he doesn't want you to play small this lifetime. He encourages humanity to live and love with absolute surrender, abandon and willingness to accept the mysteries of life. Whether you have studied his poetry for years or are drawn to him only now, this oracle deck will strengthen and illuminate your connection with this beautiful and powerful soul who loves you with a fierce passion. Rumi has a heart so open that the entire world that he loves so dearly can easily be held within it. His is a path of love. To dance in divine love with him, you need only be willing to enter your own heart. May the blessings of this spiritual brother lead you into the bliss of your own divine heart-centred nature.


The Lion and The Deer

When you enter the garden of the heart,
you become fragrant like the rose.

When you fly toward Heaven,
you become graceful like the angel.

If you get burned like oil,
you become brilliant.

When you become thin like hair in yearning,
your joy leads the way.

You’ll be the kingdom and the king.
You’ll be paradise and the guardian angel.
You’ll be infidelity, and you’ll be faith.
You’ll be the lion, and you’ll be the deer.”


“You are the lion and the deer. You are bold, fierce, and vibrant, and you are silent, sweet and gentle. If I should come to you in arrogance you roar at me until my falsehood quakes in fear, so terrified it gives up the game and love’s conquest happens yet again! If I should come to you in surrendered adoration, open to whatever you may wish, you are so gentle with me. Like a deer, you offer me nothing to fear or resist so that I too become sweet and gentle, longing to submit to your tender ministrations.

So then, I do not fear my own errors. For even if I stumble into arrogance, I shall be made wiser by your magnificent roar and become humble. Even if I become weak, I shall draw succour evoking the tenderness in you. Whatever is needed to keep me true, true to love, is what you give me. For you are the holy lion, proud and mighty, and the sweet deer, gentle as the mildest breezes of spring.”

“Hello my old friend. Do you remember me? We are the oldest of friends; ancient soul mates we are, acquainted over many lifetimes past and through many lessons earned together in the school of love. So here we meet again, in this advance spiritual training of the human experience, with the earth as our classroom. The moment is upon us to leave behind what we have once known, and to open up to the great mystery of life again. Our souls leapt from the divine oneness through the river of forgetfulness and now dive into a body and a life. What journey that leap begins!

Let us embark on this studious adventure together. Let us honour the tiger and the lamb within each other, the lion and the deer. I can witness in you both the raging warrior who fights with the unbreakable honour, and the healer who brings together those things torn apart. Of course! For are we not all things? Are we not human and angel, animal and spirit? Are we not heaven and earth? Are we not divine? And in being divine, being all things, all things are divine.

So we are here together in the school of love; not for the soul who still adheres to preference instead of curiosity, not for the soul who craves comfort instead of devotion to divine adventure. We must be like lovers, you and I, if we are to take these lessons. We must be willing to become mad with passion, crazy enough to chase the Great Beloved, even if it means forgetting who we are for a time to have the sacred delight of rediscovery, breaking some rules and looking like fools. Well what could be greater than becoming a fool for love? That will do for us,; that will do well. Let us be fools for love, together.

So shall we become study mates? We’ll recognize each other, even in all of our varied garbs, bright or sombre, wild or gentle. We’ll become the most enthusiastic students in the school of love, urging each other on to ever greater feats of passion and devotion. How we shall outdo each other in grand gestures and our unwavering commitment.

This oracle brings you a special message: you are rediscovering a part of yourself that has been lost or submerged underneath ‘more practical’ concerns. Of course, if practicality is about survival then learning to be your true self is most essential and practical! All other paths lead to death of the soul!

You are asked to bear the chaos of this rediscovery. It may be that talents from this or other lifetimes are reawakened and cause you some discomfort at first, even though they will ultimately bring joy and greater fulfillment. The discomfort may be around how those talents are best expressed, about overcoming shame, guilt, doubt or other judgments. It may even be about who you are, if you now admit your talent or other emerging personality traits. Perhaps what is being unearthed in you now is darker – your sacred rage, refusal to accept disrespect in your life, your inability to tolerate lies and deceptions. Well then, you are the lion, and the deer. That is nature. There is to be both in the world. You are not becoming contradictory or hypocritical. You are becoming whole.

The guidance this oracle brings you is that you shall prosper most now if you are willing to unbecome what you have believed yourself to be. It was never really true anyway, that view. It was partial at best; and just a view, an identity, not a genuine reality. Some of your previous sense of self shall likely come with this transition into the fuller experience of your being, and some of that previous identity shall be shed as far too limiting. It just won’t feel true for you anymore, if it ever did.

Any crisis or confusion this brings you shall be temporary fuel to ignite the divine fires within. They simmer into life, cooling you from within, bringing all of your flavours, spicy and sweet, bitter and sour, into perfect balance so that your being, your presence, becomes an exquisite dish served up as a divine feast. You shall become nourishment for the world, in perfect balance. Your being will hold all, for it holds all within it. It will deny nothing, and become a tonic to feed every taste, every appetite, every hunger and every deficiency. What an extraordinary sublime meal you shall be! How your presence shall nourish the world!

And it all begins with shedding the ‘either’ and the ‘or’ and recognizing instead the ‘all.’ With such wild permission for unconditional love you shall thrive in your beingness and feed the hungry world with a meal complete, satisfying and exquisite.

Kuan Yin Oracle : Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine by Alana Fairchild and Zeng Hao

The Kuan Yin Oracle cards in this deck guide you to a place of inner peace and beauty. Kuan Yin's energy reaches out to you from each card. The messages, inspired by her presence and guiding voice, contain her wisdom to help us live a loving and enlightened life that is practical, spiritual and positive. The guidance in the messages and the practical exercises for each card nourish you on your spiritual path, help you realise that you are a divine Soul and learn to love, trust and live your highest destiny this lifetime. May your heart be opened and touched by her grace. May you realise her beauty is a mirror of your own divine Soul. This deck and the Sacred Rebels are the two decks of Alana's that I spent more hours with as they have been exactly what I needed at those times in my life when I needed them. 

Sacred Rebel Oracle : Guidance for Living a Unique & Authentic Life by Alana Fairchild and Autumn Skye

Sacred Rebel Oracle
This stunning deck will guide you to want to live your own, unique, inspired life, and share your light with the world as a sacred offering? The Sacred Rebels Oracle is for those that are ready to celebrate and nurture their individuality. This oracle deck is filled with striking imagery and beautiful heartfelt guidance to support you in awakening your sacred rebellious heart, so that you will trust in your own uniqueness and authenticity, and honour your own creative power. When you are a Sacred Rebel you want to be fully alive and express your authentic truths. You want to help heal the world, even when that means shaking things up. Sacred rebels love life and refuse to believe that manifesting their dreams is impossible!

Fullscreen capture 15092020 90205 am.bmp

Big Bold Vision

You were not born to play a small role in life. You have the ability to dream big. Even if you have absolutely no idea about how your visions can come to pass or what all the details may look like, you can access the heart and guts of a vision by tapping into your wildest dreams and surrendering attachment to exactly how it will all work out. The details are up to the creative genius of the universe. You are an active, contributing participant but not the sole player in your life journey.

There is something – a vision or an idea – that is coming to you. You may worry that it is too much for you. But, don’t worry. It is mean to be yours. Although you might have some adjustments to make and some tweaking to do as you let go of your limited thinking and open up to a fearless acceptance of bigger, brighter, more radical and more potent possibilities of creatively living your light in the world.

A sign that you are cracking out of your limited thinking, to allow for a big, bold vision to come to you, is that you might feel a little dizzy with the shrinking limitations and expanding possibilities of life. You may wonder if you are allowed to access so much wonder! Remember that in your healing and growing success as you manifest this big vision, you can touch the hearts of others through your presence, your inner work, your art and your choices. It is a win-win situation! Those that are meant to live big, bold and visionary lives need to give themselves permission to break the mold and forge newer, more expansion perspectives of what is possible, what is permitted and what is of service. It’s about letting go and opening up. Others will benefit from this. Even though it is your vision, it is not just about you!

You are being asked to remember that when something is right for you, endless synchronicities and support will flow your way, at the right time and in the right way. Stay open, receptive, playful and surrendered.

This oracle brings you a message. You are about to receive or be invited to become part of, a grand visionary beginning. It has the makings of something fantastic. No matter how the journey that brings this vision into reality unfolds – and there will be some twists and turns that you don’t see coming – it is still helpful for you to be open to it. Trust your heart, be still with your choices and when the time feels right and truthful, leap!

This oracle brings a message for those who would like to further develop their intuitive insight. It is already happening. trust in what you perceive. Even if it conflicts with what everyone else around you is saying or the surface of things, trust your inner perceptions. They are accurate and will be proven to e so later on.

This oracle brings a general message of positive energy. Trust that things will be coming up roses for you. Even if everything seems to be in a bit of a shambles now, it’s really just the essential mess before a truly spectacular success.

kali oracle

Alana's newest deck, that I'm really excited about, is her Kali Oracle coming out later in the year. You will be able to pre-order this deck soon.

Kali, the wild mother of divine grace, spiritual freedom and radical transformation, embraces your courageous soul. Kali, the wrathful goddess of supreme spiritual protection, welcomes your tender heart. Kali, the pure and ever-watchful, stands against all that obstructs your fulfillment. The ego may fear her, but your true self takes comfort in her ferocious compassion and unyielding wisdom. Dance, revel and rejoice in the presence of the Great Mother.

With the empowering insight of Alana Fairchild and the striking imagery of Jimmy Manton, this unique oracle set is an offering of guidance, clarity and healing that invokes unconditional love, divine blessing and authentic spiritual unfoldment. Share sacred space with Goddess Kali, in her many forms, for a direct experience of her alchemical power. Be held in the glory of her being and behold your destiny. Dedicated to your bold and tender heart for the spiritual liberation of all beings.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on Alana. What decks do you own of Alana's and which one is your favorite?

If you want to learn more about Alana you can visit her website, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE

Much Love
Denita x

CARDS blog

With thousands of decks on the market it can be very daunting to choose the right deck just for you! Cards are essentially designed to help you get in touch with your own inner knowing and the divine energy that informs that inner knowing. The more tools we have to receive intuitive information, the more assistance, signs, and messages we can pick up on.

Tarot is for those people that have time to study the system and want clear answers in life where as oracles cards are normally much softer and more expansive as they are created in a more open space and have no structure and hard rules. They are a much easier way to start with when reading cards. You can pick what you are interested in and then find a deck with that theme eg: angels, fairies, rebels, goddesses, mother nature, animals, spellcasting, affirmations, gods, love, you name it there is likely to be a deck created in that theme! 

When choosing a deck follow these steps and you can't go wrong...

1. Ask the Divine to help lead you to the right deck.

2. Don't put pressure on yourself by taking your time.

3. Read about the deck to see if the cards are something you could work with.

4. Read about the author to see if you like who they are.

5. Ask people who work with decks to see what they get from them.

6. Ask yourself do you feel attracted to the deck?

7. Find artwork that you love!

8. Watch lots of deck reviews on YouTube.

9. If you have the option of trying the deck before you buy. Ask the deck "What they will bring to your spiritual practice" then pull a card.

10. If you have a pendulum you can ask if this is the right deck for me.

If you don't get it right the first time that's okay. I didn't have YouTubers to go check out decks so I have had a few decks that I bought that didn't suit me. I've sold most of them but some I've kept and I'm glad I did as I evolved and are ready for them now.

I'm lucky as I got given my first Tarot deck in my early 20's then I started buying oracle decks early 2000's. I love sharing my knowledge about the cards so please do contact me if you have any questions about any of the decks on the website. I use and love all of the cards I have for sale. If you are in Whanganui you are more than welcome to come out and go through all the cards. I have open packs here so you can get the feel if they are the right deck for you and I absolutely love making a big card mess.

Over all these years of buying decks I've found I learn something different from each deck! If a deck doesn't resonate anymore they are easy to resell, pass on, or add to the card collection like I have.

My friend asked me to share with her what tarot cards I thought she might like to start with 2 years ago so I did a video for her that you might enjoy? Click here to view.

Enjoy your card journey, it truly is life changing.

Click here to start browsing through the cards. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact with me and I can see if I can get it in for you.

Much love
Denita x

I asked the ladies in our Tea and Tarot group what 10 decks would they take away with them if they were to go on a 6 month vacation. I really enjoyed hearing what everyone came up with and checking out their decks. I got to play with decks I've never seen before, which is always nice.

I'm putting the hashtag #6months10decks out there for those of you that would like to share the decks you would take along with you.

I took the question from the perspective of having quiet time to really delve deep into the decks away from my norm.

My list goes like this...

Mary-El Tarot by Marie White

 Mary El Tarot

Exquisite and powerful, if there is a theme in The Mary-El Tarot, it is one of the alchemy of the soul; of finding balance, symmetry, mastery of the self, and becoming your own genius. This deck is stunningly illustrated with traditional oil paints and a depth of symbolism found in the old classics. The accompanying guide, Landscapes of the Abyss, takes the reader through the meanings of each card via the landscape of the Moon and the High Priestess, through the geometry of the temple and the Tree of Life, the Merkabah, and the caduceus! Enter a doorway between heaven and earth, between microcosm and macrocosm, between the world of eternity and infinity. A rare gem suitable for all levels of tarot experience.

I've had this deck for such a long time, every time I sit down with this deck I have such a great time and get some strong messages. I'd love to spend time and energy getting to know this deck on another level.

The Art of Love Tarot by Toni Carmine Salerno

The Art of Love Tarot

The Art of Love Tarot brings a contemporary New Age approach to the age-old tradition of tarot. The major arcana reflect modern versions of the traditional archetypes, and the four suits (stars, hearts, angels, and trees) complement the themes of Toni's work. These cards hold a divine, loving energy that will encourage balanced, harmonious readings. With them, you'll creatively manifest your dreams and desires.

Over the past year I have so enjoyed Toni Carmine Salerno's cards. This deck has such a great energy, I love the readings from this deck this is why I want to spend more time with this sweet deck.

The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne 

Light Seers Tarot

Chris-Anne has re-imagining the traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a contemporary, boho, and intuitive style, The Light Seer's Tarot expresses the light and shadow sides of our natures and explores the lessons that can be learned from both.

The expressive characters who live within the landscapes of the cards tell stories, ask questions, and provide guidance. This deck is an ideal companion as you seek to uncover the places in your life-and in yourself-that are most in need of illumination.

I was one of the lucky ones to back Chris-Anne's kickstarter so I have a copy of the first edition to play with. I love this deck, everyone loves this deck and I've been getting some great reading from them. 

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake

Everyday Witch Tarot

A fun, practical, easy-to-use deck for every witch. Charming images pair with simple explanations to make this the go-to deck for anyone seeking to learn or practice the tarot. Based on the classic Rider-Waite deck but updated for the busy modern witch, this tarot has a whimsical air while still being dedicated to the serious job of providing answers to life's tough questions. Author Deborah Blake brings her practical, down-to-earth style to create a deck that is simple to use and focused on the positive.

This is such a fun deck for me to use and that is why I would bring it along.

Modern Spellcasters Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

Modern Spellcasters Tarot

Combine traditional tarot symbolism and modern eclectic witchcraft for truly magickal results. Artist Scott Murphy renders the familiar elements of the Rider-Waite in a fresh style featuring ancient Pagan mythos, diverse ethnicities, and contemporary practical spellwork. Designed with both divination and tarot magick in mind, this versatile deck is appropriate for beginning and experienced witches and tarot readers alike.

This has got to be one of my favourite decks that I have used constantly this year and even though I have the app on my phone I would like to have it with me, especially for alter work.

Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert


This beautiful deck focuses on healing the earth and the self. The Major Arcana represent 22 soul lessons and archetypes. The Minors illustrate elements, numbers, and people. The book is amazing including divinatory meanings, themes, exercises, symbolism, journal questions, affirmations, and ten spreads. Gaian spirituality understands that humans, plants, animals, stones, and stars are all inextricably linked when one strand is pulled, the entire web is affected. Especially intended for those who practice earth-centered spirituality.

I'm so connected to this deck which made it really difficult to choose this deck over Joanna's Herbcrafter's Tarot deck. No, I can't choose I would have to sneak The Herbcrafter's deck into my bag too. 

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

 Dreams of Gaia Tarot

The philosophy of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot is to seek, to feel, to grow, to heal. This deck will strengthen your connection to your divine self, whilst helping you to identify and heal past experiences that hold you back from living to your fullest potential. Learn to recognise when times of growth and change are approaching, and face them with confidence and a sense of anticipation. Learn when to take action, and when to be still. Learn to trust in your intuition. Dreams of Gaia Tarot allows for a more personal, intimate, and effective system for using cards as a roadmap to navigate your life path.

Such a beautiful deck that I really want to spend more time learning about.

Before Tarot by Pietro Alligo

Before Tarot
Following the tremendous success of the New Vision Tarot and the After Tarot, the Before Tarot shows tarot readers and collectors the scenes that take place immediately before the images rendered in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. Each of the Arcana opens a new window into our understanding of the cards, adding a time dimension to what we see and what it means.

I cried when I opened this deck as I felt they had captured the perfect before scene of each Ryder Waite card. I love working with this deck!

Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Angus-West

Bonefire Tarot

This vivid and expertly hand-painted Tarot cards was inspired by the vintage, old-school tattoo flash of Sailor Jerry Collins. Influenced by Rider-Waite, this deck and guidebook are styled for the serious life explorer, identifying important symbols and key thoughts visually, so you may intuitively read the cards and demystify your own journey. Fully equipped to tackle anything—the microcosmic to the macro-enormous—the Majors feature archetypal figures sure to play roles in our lives as aspects of ourselves or situations we are bound to encounter. The Minor suits have their own look and set of common symbols and are concerned with life's little details. Along with a comprehensive glossary of symbols and their meanings, three simple spreads, and descriptive essays to guide you, this set offers eternal truths via the timeless medium of Tarot.

I really want to read this book again. I love the way Gabi talks about the cards and having something bright would be a lovely contrast to the other decks I've chosen.

Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane

Crow Tarot

Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers through the mystical energy of crows and ravens.

I really wanted to add a crow to my logo as I feel very connected to these birds, even though we don't have them here in New Zealand. I feel in love with this murder of crows which surprised me. This are one of my favourite decks I have purchased this year.

Honourable MENTION

I found it really difficult choosing only ten decks here are a few of the other decks I was contemplating.

Golden Tarot

Golden Tarot

Just to mix it up I was thinking of adding in a pip deck with me and I always enjoy using this deck.

Aura Soma Tarot

Aura Soma Tarot

This deck has recently found it's way to me, it has such a loving energy which I love. I also love that the creator is living on Waiheke Island.

 Daughters of The Moon Tarot

Daughters of the moon Tarot

I bought these ages ago and the Isis card was missing so I didn't feel I wanted to use the deck. One of my friends had the deck and photocopied the Isis card for me so I laminated it and my deck is full so I'm ready to spend some time with this deck now.

I look forward to seeing what decks you would choose! Don't forget to use the hashtag #6months10decks on social media platforms.

Much Love,

Denita x

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