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Smokey Quartz Tumbled Crystal Smoky Quartz is Great for… self-love.Graphic Smoky Quartz supports all structures in the body, remov.. Product #: SQC based on 0 reviews Regular price: $3.00 $3.00 18
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Smoky Quartz is Great for… self-love.

Graphic Smoky Quartz supports all structures in the body, removing toxic debris and traumatic memories. It keeps you grounded and balanced.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Lack of trust in yourself and other people creates psychological barriers that lie at the heart of your dis-ease. Your self-esteem is low, creating a deficient immune system. Memories of old traumas have subtly amended your ancestral DNA. At a deep level you have been compressed and limited.

DIVINATION: Undertake a shamanic journey into the unseen worlds in search of healing. There you will find the underlying causes of dis-ease and outdated soul imperatives that are affecting your well-being.HEALING INSIGHT: Healing is found in the darkest depths of yourself.

TIMING: Autumn
SOUL PATH: Exploring taboos

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